Brokeback Bike

I broke my bike’s frame riding to work earlier this week. Crossing some rough tracks by the Darigold plant, the center post broke the lug just above the crank. I rode for a few more days, pondering my options and thinking I may have to replace my beloved Nishiki. Instead, I got advice from a bike co-op to visit Acme Welding at SE 7th and Salmon Street.

Ron from Acme told me what parts to strip. I followed his instructions and turned the frame over to him Thursday morning. He clamped the frame back to its original position, set a bead around the broken lug, and welded a triangular gusset to the lower and center bars to reinforce the frame. It was ready to pick up today at noon; quick turn, $70. I bought a new chain, new derailleur cables, and new brake pads (chain and cables were needed; the pads were just since I was in there anyway) from 7 Corners (Corey is awesome) and put everything back together today.

The bike rides better than before I broke it. Happy endings.

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