Canon Introduces Several New Cameras

Canon let fly a whole flock of new cameras today. The most interesting is actually not new, just new to U.S. release. The SX1-IS has been available in Europe for some time. The camera is similar to the SX10 (and S5/S3 etc. prior to that) but has one notable feature that makes it very attractive and relatively unique: it can shoot 1920×1080 video @ 30fps with stereo sound (h.264 encoding). Combine that with a 28-560 optical zoom, a 10MP CMOS sensor for stills with RAW support, EVF and articulating view screen, and a hot shoe, and it becomes a compelling all-in-one.

Also released: the SX200IS, a 12X (starting at 28mm) point-and-shoot that captures 720p video. Though its size/zoom ratio is attractive, I am doubtful that its 12.1MP sensor will perform very well in comparison to the comparatively less dense 10MP imager in the Panasonic LX3, which has shifted my expectations as to what a P&S should be able to do with regard to noise.

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