Vying For My Affection

Mint tea for coffee, brown rice/whole fruits & vegetables for everything else I used to enjoy eating. Water for beer/wine/booze. Air for Spirit yellows.

Today is day two. Not much fun so far. Except the air part is nice.

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  1. Giving my body a rest from the “rich” life for a couple weeks in anticipation of Spring. The smokes are done for good. Other foods, beer and wine may start to come back in a couple of weeks. Not sure about the hard liquor.

    1. Yes, it worked for me in the fact that I wanted to shake the nicotine addiction. Day one was not too bad. Day two was really really tough, which made day three much easier while day four was simple. I cracked on Friday and ate a Turkey sandwich as well as some sea scallops that Laura made for us.

      It was not long enough to experience any measurable weight loss outside of water, which I was pounding anyway. Energy was generally down. Mental acuity seemed even more dull than my usual marble-esque edge. I never felt really “hungry”, though I craved certain things, and I really enjoyed eating more fruit in a couple of days than I have since I can remember. Tuesday was very hard, dealing with the double-whammy of nicotine and caffeine withdrawal. I really didn’t miss drinking alcohol whatsoever.

      It was an abnormally busy week for me and I was overly ambitious in my expectations, but (at least for now) I got off the cigarettes which is a win I’ll take. I hope I keep that prize.

  2. Keeping busy will make it a lot easier… and like I said before, you will not miss the caffeine after a few days… no matter how much energy you dont ‘think’ you have keeping up with the little version of you. Ya big sperm donor you! :-p

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