Help Us Name Our Coop, Maybe Win Free Hot Sauce

Penny, Daisy-Head Mayzie, and Layla (or Mickey if you ask Owen) are settling into their surprisingly involved and robust digs. I have scientifically measured the integrity of the structure by pushing on it really hard: wouldn’t budge.  While failing at budging, I told our friend Phil Schantz (awesome builder), “This thing is built like Fort Clucks.”

We thought to put a placard over the entrance naming it as such, but after a quick search I found someone — and likely many — with their own Fort Clucks.  I’m fine with that name, but I thought I would throw it into a hat with a bunch of other names I came up with and see what sticks. Please vote for the name you like best, or suggest your own in the comments.  A random participant will receive a bottle of habanero-mango Humboldt Hotsauce, made by our friend Cal Ferris. Yes, I’m sure it’s great with chicken.
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Special thanks to the talented Phil Schantz, without whom the construction would have been difficult, shoddy, hazardous, ugly, and many combinations of those states. If you are thinking about building a chicken coop or anything else, you should hire him.

To be in the random drawing for the hot sauce, you either need to register, send me an email after you vote, or just leave a comment with your name and email address which is hidden and which i will only use to find out how to get your bottle of hot sauce to you should you be the randomly selected winner.

7 Replies to “Help Us Name Our Coop, Maybe Win Free Hot Sauce”

  1. Thanks for the votes and kind words! Caching was screwing up the poll for a bit. Disabled now; hopefully it will be more responsive.

    This hot sauce is awesome. Very spicy, but loaded with flavor. Great stuff.

  2. The chicks’ house is awesome! Perhaps some renovations to the bungalow the family lives in will be next? Although not if the egg fell too far from the rooster, if you get my meaning!

    How about Coop de Villa for that Hen House?

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