First efforts with the Lensbaby Composer on the Pentax k-x.
The weird thing is that I didn’t even notice the motorcycle and “blood stain” when taking this shot.  I was only concerned that I saw Owen through the umbrella slot of the patio table.  Maybe I should keep that in mind before getting back on a motorcycle, considering my recent fortune in not becoming a stain on the pavement after the recent accident.


If I could hear once more
The call of dark winged birds across the fields
Of rice and slim young bamboo,

If I could see once more
A crane with yellow legs so straight
Among cool water grasses,

If I could touch again
Her hands whose fingers in their sleeve of scarlet
Are softly curled and gentle,

My soul would be content,
O gods,
To iron away eternity.

– Gerald Chan Sieg

From her collection of poems “The Far Journey, 2002” about her father (my great Grandpa Robbie) Robert Chung Chan (Chung Tai P’eng, revolutionary, scholar, exile, laundryman).  Thank you, Alexka.

Breast Implants

If you type the URL michaelchanorg (as I just did) in your web browser that is smart enough to try to fix your mistakes, leaving out the “dot” between michaelchan and org, the number one result on google is for breast implants, but not at my site! How cool is that? Boobies!