Danny MacAskill

December 28, 2011 0

It’s already been viewed 16 million times all over but it’s new to me, and in a link emailed by my Dad no less.

Bucket Of Noodle

August 16, 2011 0

I need a new helmet. These look awesome, and they happen to be my neighbors.


April 19, 2008 0

Here’s an old post on how to make bullhorn handlebars out of drop bars, something I have been considering for some time.

Snowy Ride

March 28, 2008 0

I rode in the snow today. Just not at the mountain.  It was snow/raining in Portland as I rode my bike to work today.  Fortunately, Read More

Brokeback Bike

March 16, 2007 0

I broke my bike’s frame riding to work earlier this week. Crossing some rough tracks by the Darigold plant, the center post broke the lug Read More