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Latest Gig

I worked a party for a dual 60 birthday. It was a good mix of younger/older, but I spent a lot more time in the Detroit 60s than the Detroit 2000s. A couple of ladies got mock-irate when I was mashing Roy Orbison with Tone Loc. “It’s one or the other, not both,” they insisted humorously.

Nice crowd.

My Rig

I’ve been working with djay-software’s easy-peasy tool for spinning for a couple of years now. The nice thing about it is that it is tied to iTunes, which is handy for casual work. The nasty thing about it is that it is tied to iTunes, which becomes problematic when your library grows to significant sizes. The meta data created by djay doesn’t necessarily translate back to iTunes’ meta either, for what I can tell. The problem about this is that there is information that takes a LONG time to generate that can’t be transported across the file container. Maybe the apps COULD do it, but I think that Ogg Vorbis was far, far ahead of its time.