September 11, 2010 0

FACE·B is prime time-sucker. BNL looms. How do BIG·G and WALL-M figure this out?

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August 20, 2008 1

Firefox3 + vimperator. Sorry OmniWeb, I’ll miss you. Now if I can wrap my head around muttator and put up with Shredder’s (Thunderbird 3) quirks, Read More

Enough Is Enough

November 5, 2007 0

So the circuit went down again to a coordinated DOS attack (according to my ISP), and before it had recovered, several city blocks lost their Read More


October 24, 2007 0

Yet Another Service Outage. QWest had to switch copper to get the circuit back up, but I am now on another (much slower) line temporarily Read More

Long Time No Time

June 28, 2007 0

I haven’t had much time to spend working on pictures as of late, let alone post blog entries, and have several hundred images to process Read More