The Social Network Soundtrack

Based on a tweet from Johnnie Hallman/@destroytoday, I bought the soundtrack to The Social Network off of nullco for five bucks for the mp3/FLAC download. In a sort of reverse-buyer’s-remorse I am wishing I had ponied a Jackson for the Blu-Ray hardcopy (which includes the mp3/FLAC download as well), because Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross are doing some seriously fascinating stuff regarding spatial imaging in the stereo playback. Now I really want to hear their 5.1 efforts.

And I haven’t seen the movie yet either.

Getting My Piano Back

It’s been on loan for a couple weeks to the players at work, and I really miss it. But the one that’s going in to my work in spite of the ready, steady, reliable piano of mine is way nicer; I’ve played it, and it’s fantastic. Now I fear my piano and I may have to work through an ugly jealousy: I’ll think it doesn’t sound very good, and it’ll think I can’t play worth a lick compared to the piano players that have been employing it for it to do its best job.