So Much Wrong Here

I just got suckered into reading a spam titled “Lee Majors Bionic Hearing” because It Pissed Me Off. Everyone knows it was astronaut Steve Austin who got the 8 megapixel eyeball and 60MPH legs, while it was Jaime Sommers who fell out of a plane on purpose and ended up needing an ear implant, which also resulted in the talent for (the gorgeous) Lindsay Wagner to crush tennis balls in her grip. Great ’70s metaphor, that.

I hate tennis.

Nextel BlackBerry 8350i and OS X

My job requires that I carry a Nextel.  The BlackBerry Curve 8350i was released a few months ago, and I have been using one regularly having received my phone a few days after its official release. This is the first BlackBerry with which I have significant experience, more than doing some troubleshooting on a 7100 and playing with a TMo-Pearl for 20 minutes, so please forgive any “gee-whiz” gushing by me that is actually old hat to seasoned BB users. On the other hand, I have spent a lot of time playing with friends’ iPhones and own a Touch. I suppose I have as much of a case of iPhone envy as any other non-iPhone owning Mac user. It will rear its ugly head tomorrow when the 3.0 software update is released but it won’t be as bad as in times past. To save you time the time of reading everything else, the short story is that if you have to carry a Nextel and happen to use OS X, I highly recommend this phone.
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Kindle 2 Reviews

I’ve been thinking of buying a Kindle 2. Still haven’t made up my mind; $359 buys a lot of.. well.. stuff. After reading through several reviews, I’m leaning away rather than towards. Any opinions?

Disable “Restart Your Computer” Notification in XP

If you have automatic updates enabled in Windows XP – which is a good idea in general – after an update in which a restart is “required”, you are notified that Windows would like you to restart to finalize the update. Fine. Unless it is not a convenient time, because if you dismiss the dialog so that you can restart later and continue whatever you were doing, it comes back up at intervals, interrupting your work or play. This tip saved me from pitching the whole tower through my office window.