California, Here We Come

Starting to plan a trip to San Diego, now that gasoline costs half what it did a few months ago.  I am looking forward to seeing Highway 1 again, this time in our Audi A6, which should be tremendous fun compared to my last drives (1985 Buick Century, 1991 Ford Explorer).  This will also be my first trip to Cali with a quality digital camera to document the trip.

Darth Helmet

Nolan N42 Outlaw
Nolan N42 Outlaw
Laura bought me a Nolan N42 Outlaw for my birthday. Makes me look like Judge Dredd. But taller.

I love the integrated sunshield. The wind noise is not nearly as bad as I have read other people complain about. It’s NCOM ready, which may or may not be worth the extra money. It’s super-comfy. I love the ratchet attachment system. The stupid logo in the middle was attached with cheap glue so it came off easily; it’s now on my MacBook Pro’s Apple logo, and looks like Optimus Prime.

Full review coming.