Keyboard Nazi

March 11, 2008 0

Apple’s Software Updater kept wanting to install Keyboard Firmware Update 1.0; it was supposedly successfully installed five or six times by the point I started Read More

Cooks Rule

March 10, 2008 0

I watch Anthony Bourdain No Reservations on the Travel Channel every week. I’ve got his books as well. On tonight’s episode, he returned to his Read More

The Art of Subtraction

March 10, 2008 0

Garfield minus Garfield = brilliant edit: I found the nagging word in the back of my mind I was looking for: angst

So Far So Good

March 10, 2008 0

Moving old blog data went fairly well; WordPress is robust. I’m not sure if Zenphoto was the right choice to handle the photos yet. It Read More

A New Look

March 9, 2008 0

After eight or nine years of blogging on with home-brewed code, I have finally decided to move on to WordPress. ┬áLet’s see how importing Read More

The Griffin

March 5, 2008 0

September 2000 – March 4th, 2008. He is missed. video follows in the extended…

Owen Dances

February 6, 2008 0

Owen grooves to the Allman Brothers in the extended.

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