Pickathon 2013

I’m really looking forward to photography work at Pickathon this year, especially now with the phenomenal 75mm f1.8 which is just about the best concert lens I’ve ever used. It wasn’t available last August, though the 45mm 1.8 is sublime and I shot extensively with it for 2012’s event, recording over 500 images with that lens alone.

My intention this year is to augment the photography and video with artist interviews and audio recording of (at least snippets) of the shows for field podcasts. I don’t know if I can get permission/accredited, but I’m trying. Admittedly, I have stepped away from the microphone for a little while, but I don’t think the rust is too thick and I know I will do a good job.
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If You Catch The Right Wave You Cut Left Because Left Is West

When I lived in Hawaii, I’d take a drive from Waikiki to where my grandmother lived—up along the coast heading east, and it takes you past Hanauma Bay. When my mother was pregnant with me she’d take a walk along the beach. . . . You park your car. If the waves are good you sit and watch and ponder it for a while. You grab your car keys in the towel. And you jump in the ocean. And you have to wait until there is a break in the waves. . . . And you put on a fin—and you only have one fin—and if you catch the right wave you cut left because left is west. . . . Then you cut down into the tube there. You might see the crest rolling and you might see the sun glittering. You might see a sea turtle in profile, sideways, like a hieroglyph in the water. . . . And you spend an hour out there. And if you’ve had a good day you’ve caught six or seven good waves and six or seven not so good waves. And you go back to your car. With a soda or a can of juice. And you sit. And you can watch the sun go down …

– President Barack Obama
From Michael Lewis’ article Obama’s Way in Vanity Fair.