Tiny Wings 2 Trailer

July 6, 2012 0

Have you played Tiny Wings? Simple, lovely, addictive iPhone game. Here’s a simple, love trailer made by the developer, Andreas Wulfila, for his soon-to-be-released creation Read More

Ranchero 390

June 23, 2012 0

Olympus OM-D handheld, 1/5 sec ISO 6400 with 12-50 kit lens shot RAW. Click image for full-size jpeg.

Iceberg Flips

June 2, 2012 5

If you only watch one video of an iceberg flipping over today, make it this one.

Maybe I’m Stupid.

June 2, 2012 3

Me: Give me a giant Coke. Clerk: I’m sorry we don’t sell giant Cokes any more. Me: Give me five medium Cokes. Clerk: Okay.

The Waiting

June 1, 2012 6

I’m sure I linked/liked Eddie Vedder with the Heartbreakers before, but it’s just so good. A nine-pound salmon waits to be filleted. Then to a Read More

Reason Extensions

May 24, 2012 0

Propellerhead says that Reason 6.5 will support “extensions” but does not say that VSTs or AUs will be directly supported. I have this dream of Read More

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