Help Us Name Our Coop, Maybe Win Free Hot Sauce

Penny, Daisy-Head Mayzie, and Layla (or Mickey if you ask Owen) are settling into their surprisingly involved and robust digs. I have scientifically measured the integrity of the structure by pushing on it really hard: wouldn’t budge.  While failing at budging, I told our friend Phil Schantz (awesome builder), “This thing is built like Fort Clucks.”

We thought to put a placard over the entrance naming it as such, but after a quick search I found someone — and likely many — with their own Fort Clucks.  I’m fine with that name, but I thought I would throw it into a hat with a bunch of other names I came up with and see what sticks. Please vote for the name you like best, or suggest your own in the comments.  A random participant will receive a bottle of habanero-mango Humboldt Hotsauce, made by our friend Cal Ferris. Yes, I’m sure it’s great with chicken.
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