iPhone 3gs review after one day

“Business Care” Nextel told me yesterday that the “phone insurance” I have been paying for my handset, a Sprint/Nextel Blackberry 8350i, means that I earned the privilege of only having to pay ~$120 to rectify a piece of crap design where the power connecter snapped off the PCB upon attempting to tether this morning. The rep was kind enough to describe, sight unseen, a dozen ways where “how I plugged it in” was likely to be the issue without considering that plastic adhesive reinforced by solder points may not be the most robust solution to handle the physical connecter of the mini USB interface that by its very design is arguably one of the most tedious alignments since the venerable DSUB or the cheap-ass PS/2 male fittings, each with soft wire ends that mated so poorly upon setting up living conditions for their arranged marriages. Let alone if they separate and re-marry every day. Won’t someone think of their arranged children? If my “insurance money” (think pipe-wielding thugs “helping” a local grocer) is worth so little, I may as well throw a pile of dollars elsewhere and see what sticks.
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