Pismo Beach And A Train

A video of Owen at a park in San Diego at Mission Bay, at Pismo Beach, and playing with a train that was waiting for him when we came home, a present from Great Grandma Karen and Great Grandpa Earl.

There’s a 720p version of the video on my YouTube page; go to the link and click “watch in HD”. There’s a hack available to embed it in this page, but my content column isn’t currently wide enough.

I realized a piece of trivia after getting home; the playground where those swings are located was used for the scene in Traffic where the character played by Catherine Zeta Jones (actually the character’s child) was threatened by a drug goon. The park is beautiful.

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  1. I can’t believe how much he looks just like you when you were little, especially when he was running on the beach. He is so cute. I wish you were all closer so Garrett would have a buddy to play with. Miss you brother!

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