Pismo Beach And A Train

A video of Owen at a park in San Diego at Mission Bay, at Pismo Beach, and playing with a train that was waiting for him when we came home, a present from Great Grandma Karen and Great Grandpa Earl.

There’s a 720p version of the video on my YouTube page; go to the link and click “watch in HD”. There’s a hack available to embed it in this page, but my content column isn’t currently wide enough.
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Mt. Adams Forest Fire

KOIN television has some fantastic footage of a forest fire burning on the slopes of Mt. Adams, along with the abatement efforts and a seemingly random shot of some telemark skiers enjoying the snow July 13th.

The smoke plume was immense and was easily visible from the golf course at McMenamin’s Edgefield in Troutdale Oregon, where many friends came out to celebrate my 39th birthday.